About us

Sussex Hand Surgery team of consultant hand surgeons and hand therapists.

We aim to provide top class care for all aspects of hand, wrist and elbow surgery from simple conditions you can manage yourself at home to complex reconstructive surgery. Our team can offer advice regarding your problem and work together with you to speed your recovery.

If you have injured your hand or wrist our streamlined virtual hand and wrist fracture clinic service will often be involved in managing your recovery.

This new service aims to ensure you get the right advice and treatment, at the right time, by the right healthcare professional.

All injuries referred into this service are individually reviewed by a Consultant Hand Surgeon and Senior Hand Therapist. A preliminary treatment plan is then drawn up. Our Hand Therapy team will then ring you to check the information we have been sent is correct, review your progress and outline the proposed further management to you. In conjunction with our Administrative Lead our therapists will then ensure the right treatment for you is sorted out in a timely fashion.

A direct dial phone number and email address give you a simple, quick way to get back in touch with us at any time during your recovery. You may have been given our card in Accident & Emergency with these details on:

Brighton Sussex University Hospitals

Phone: 01273 696955 Ext 4116
Email: handtherapyservice@bsuh.nhs.uk